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Regional Ocean Forecasting

An important issue facing many offshore operators and contractors is an awareness of the existing and forecast risks associated with the subsea oceanic environment.  For example internal waves or deep sea oceanic current patterns may influence the potential for VIV (Vortex-Induced-Vibrations) of risers and thus risking the integrity and safety of the operation.


For the North West Shelf off Australia, ONS has developed a regional ocean forecasting system based on the ROMS ocean model. The spatial scale of the model is 1/20th degree (~ 5km) and produces full three dimensional ocean forecasts out to 5-7 days at a 0.5hr temporal resolution.  Open boundaries from the model are by the global HYCOM model output.  Atmospheric air/sea fluxes, winds and pressures are provided by the global GFS forecasting system. 

Typical output from the model includes:-

  • Tidal elevation

  • Sea water temperature

  • Salinity

  • Water density

  • 3D ocean currents

For site specific applications (upon request), full profile point data may be exported, analyzed and reformatted into a presentable form

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