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Wave Modelling

To assist offshore operational planning ONS has developed in-house capability to produce site specific wave climate data for specific regions within the world. The spectral wave hindcasts allow for extraction of parameterised wave time series or for the nesting and refinement of wave climate hindcasts into the nearshore environment, including the transformation into harbours for mooring analysis. For more specific requirements, additional re-simulation and optimization may be required. In addition where site specific measurements are available, we welcome the opportunity to validate the wave hindcasts against client specific measurements.


  • Generation of site specific wave climate data

  • Global wave modelling with the NOAA WaveWatchIII third generation spectral wave model

  • Fine scale nesting and transformation nearshore

  • Extreme event hindcasting, including cyclonic wave hindcasting

  • Metocean data analysis, including percentage occurrence, storm persistence tables

  • Planning / tendering for offshore operations including drilling, survey, dredging operations.

  • Downtime planning

  • Weather window analysis by season or month

  • Port operability and economic optimization

  • Metocean design criteria

  • Environmental applications

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